Welcome to UNI Africa’s 4th Regional Conference – one of Africa’s largest gatherings of trade union leaders. Held over two days in Dakar, Senegal, the Conference brings together almost 500 participants from across the African continent, together with invited guests from around the world.

The 4th UNI Africa Regional Conference will be held from 23 to 25 March 2017 at the King Fahd  Hotel in Dakar, Senegal.

UNI Africa’s previous Regional Conferences were held in Southern Africa in 2003, North Africa in 2009 and East Africa in 2013. It is now the turn of West Africa to host this quadrennial event in 2017.

It is not a coincidence that UNI Africa decided to hold its 4th Regional Conference in Dakar. The choice of Senegal was made in view of its qualities as host country in terms of democracy and political stability, social cohesion through ethnic and lingual diversity, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of the media.

UNI Africa is the African regional organisation of UNI Global Union. There are three other regional organisations: UNI Americas, UNI Asia & Pacific and UNI Europa

About UNI Africa

UNI is the largest Global Union in Africa, with UNI Africa representing 161 unions in 40 African countries. We have offices and staff located in Abidjan, Johannesburg and Tunisia.

Through our activities to grow unions, our aim is to bring decent work. Our intense programme of education and training activities throughout Africa includes campaigns aimed at gender equality and leadership training for youth.

The theme of the 4th UNI Africa Regional Conference is Forward for a New Africa: Mobilise, Organise, Innovate! We see a fast changing economic landscape, with many governments recording positive economic growth. Our push is for the African people to see the benefits of this growth in their daily lives through the eradication of poverty, building infrastructure and bridging the inequality between them and political and business elites.

Our push is to help unions to organise and to win collective bargaining rights to ensure that their basic rights are respected and for these to be seen as a pillar of democracy. We are seeing the emergence of new leaders with the energy and drive to ensure that this new economic Africa also belongs to the people.

UNI Global Union has signed more than 50 Global Agreements with multinational companies with the aim of setting fair standards and conditions for their more than ten million workers around the world in the companies themselves, as well as along their supply chains.

UNI Africa works with African regional organisations – PAPU, AU, ILO Africa, WAPCO, ITUC-Africa and OATUU.

The UNI Africa Regional Conference

The Regional Conference is the top decision-making body of UNI Africa. We expect almost 500 delegates from all over the African Continent to attend this momentous event. The delegates will consist of the leadership, officials and members of UNI Global Union’s affiliated unions in Africa, together with invited guests from other continents. For the opening ceremony we expect an additional 200 local union members and shop stewards to attend.

About Dakar

Welcome to the country of Teranga!
Teranga means both hospitality and respect. This hospitality and respect in Senegal is expressed at the outset through greetings, followed by the welcome that is reserved for the foreigner. Senegal, the country of hospitality is ready to host the 4th UNI Africa Regional Conference and welcome the participants, who are all considered as exceptional guests by the Senegalese affiliates.
Senegal is a Sahelian country located in the most western part of Africa, with an area of 196.722 km². It is bounded to the North by Mauritania, to the East by Mali, to the South by Guinea and Guinea Bissau, to the West by the Atlantic Ocean with a 500 km maritime frontage. The Gambia is an enclave inside Senegal.
The city of Dakar, capital of the Republic of Senegal, and the region of Dakar, is situated on a peninsula located to the extreme West. The city is cosmopolitan and open to the world.
From the city of Dakar, it is easy to escape for a day to discover the picturesque port of Saint-Louis, the beaches of the coast, the national natural parks or the island of Gorée, symbol in memory of the slave trade in Africa, officially recognized by the United Nations (UN) in 1978: Gorée, the “memory island” of this tragedy, was thus one of the very first places to be included in the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Senegal belongs to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) composed of 15 countries and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), which includes 8 countries. Senegal is the second largest economy in UEMOA (out of eight countries).
French is the official language of Senegal. However, the most widely spoken language in Senegal is Wolof. It is the mother tongue of more than a third of the population and is spoken and understood by almost everyone.
Internationally renowned, the Biennale of Contemporary African Art (Dak’Art) has been exhibiting in various districts of the capital since 1990.

Strong Senegalese Presence

UNI Africa has worked closely with its Senegalese affiliates on the arrangements for the Conference. Our affiliates are motivated and proud to host this great event in their country. Their practical assistance and financial contributions are gratefully acknowledged.
UNI has 4 affiliates in Senegal:
• Syndical National des Travailleurs des Postes et Télécommunications (SNTPT)
• Syndicat des Travailleurs de SONATEL (SYTS)
• Syndicat des Travailleurs de la Poste (SYTPOSTE)
• Syndicat National des Travailleurs des Industries Polygraphiques du Sénégal (SYNTIPS)
UNI Global Union’s Senegal Liaison Council (UNI SLC) brings together all our affiliated unions in the country. The UNI SLC, its President Ibrahima Sarr, General Secretary of SNTPT Poste, together with the General Secretaries of UNI’s Senegalese affiliates: Babacar Sarr, SYTS; Amadou Dème, SYTPOSTE; Ibrahima Khalil Mendy, SYNTIPS, and Ndèye Founé Niang, SNTPT Telecom – who is also Vice-President of UNI Africa and Member of the UNI Global Union Management Committee and World Executive Board – are working closely with the secretariat in the préparations.

Visa Requirements 

Nationals of certain countries require a visa to enter in Senegal.
In the invitation circular of 24 August 2016, you were invited to check with your Senegalese Embassy concerning visa and health requirements.
Participants requiring an official invitation letter from UNI Senegal Liaison Council were requested to indicate if this is the case on the online registration form.
Nothing can be done to help anyone who does not complete the required formalities in time.

Airport Welcome and Transfers

All delegates, observers and guests will be welcomed on arrival at the Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport in Dakar. Please look for the UNI Africa banner in the arrivals hall.

Please ensure that you have notified UNI Africa of your flight details (flight number, arrival date and time) through the appropriate form, which can be found at:


Due to heavy traffic in Dakar and formalities on departure, participants should leave their hotels at least 3 hours before flight departure times. This is very important as UNI Africa will not cover any costs of changing airtickets or additional nights in a hotel.

Venue of the Regional Conference

The venue for the Women’s Conference and the Regional Conference is as follows:
King Fahd Palace Hôtel
Pointe des Almadies, Dakar 8181, Sénégal
Tel. : +221 33 869 69 69 / Fax : +221 33 869 69 24

How to get to the King Fahd Palace Hotel?

All hotels selected by UNI Africa are within walking distance of the King Fahd Hotel and other meeting venues. You are strongly recommended to walk to and from the venue. The traffic situation in Dakar means that if you decide to travel by taxi you will have to leave very early to get there on time. It is most usually the case that you can get to your destination much faster by walking!

In January 2017, UNI Africa was able to finalise negotiations on special accommodation rates and meeting facilities with a number of hotels in the vicinity of the Regional Conference venue, details of which follow.

A circular was sent to all affiliates with information on the rates and encouraging participants in meetings taking place outside the King Fahd Conference Centre to book accommodation at the hotel where that event is taking place.

Please note that you will be required to pay your entire accommodation costs upon arrival.

In accordance with UNI Africa’s rules, any sponsored participants will be in shared accommodation, with two participants sharing a double room.


Pointe des Almadies, Dakar 8181

Tel: +221 33 869 69 69

E-mail: conference.dakar@kingfahdpalacehotels.com 

The King Fahd Conference Centre is the venue for the UNI Africa Regional Conference. It is also the venue for the Finance Conference, the Youth Conference, the ICTS Committee, the Resolutions Committee, the Women’s Conference, the Management Committee and the Executive Committee.


64, Rue Félix Faure, DAKAR

Tel: +221 33 869 86 87

E-mail : contact@hotelfleurdelysdakar.com 

This is the venue for the Commerce Conference and for the Professionals & Managers Conference. It is a 15-minute walk from the King Fahd Conference Centre.


Route des Almadies

Tel: +221 33 820 06 06

E-mail: fanahotel@orange.sn

This is a 20-minute walk from the Conference Centre


Route des Almadies Dakar 29339

Tel: +221 33 869 03 45

E-mail: hotel@lodgedesalmadies.com

This is the venue for the Graphical & Packaging Meeting and for the Meeting on Ericsson. It is a 14-minute walk from the Conference Centre


Route de Ngor – Almadies Dakar

Tel: 221 33 869 80 87

E-mail: hotelmirage@orange.sn

This is an 8-minute walk from the Conference Centre


Yoff Route de l’aéroport, Dakar

Tel: 221 33 869 75 96

E-mail: infos@sargalhotel.com

This is a 10-minute taxi ride from the Conference Centre



Boulevard Martin Luther King
+221 33 839 90 39
This is the venue for the Post & Logistics Conference. 

Details for check-in and check-out times are available at each hotel. Please check before arrival.


The Conference Secretariat is situated in room B02 on zero level of the Conference Centre of the King Fahd Hotel and can be contacted at the following address:
The members of the secretariat will do everything possible to guarantee the success of the events in Dakar. Please note that unfortunately it will not be possible to meet requests by individual delegates to type or translate speeches or other documents.
Name Mobile N°
Leocadie Abouo +225 08424208
Joelle Sie +225 08189909

Registration and ID Badge

Registration for activities that will take place before the Conference will take place at the venue of these activities.
All participants in the Regional Conference (delegates, observers, guests and staff) are required to register at the King Fahd Hotel.
Registration will take place on the following dates and at the following times:
• Women’s Conference: King Fahd Hotel, Tuesday 21 March 2017 from 14.00 to 17.00.
• Regional Conference: King Fahd Hotel, Wednesday 22 March 2017 from 09.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.00 and Thursday 23 March, between 09.00 and 14.15.
Security checks are frequent in Dakar and you will not be allowed access to the meeting place without your identification badge, which you will receive upon registration. This badge must be worn at all times during the Conference and related activities.
The lanyards are colour-differentiated according to status (delegate, observer, guest, guest speaker, invited guest, staff, press):
Delegates – green
Observers – navy blue
Guest speakers, Special guests; Press – yellow
Guests – grey
Staff – red
Pre-Conference activities – black


For the Youth Conference: seating will be organised by delegation and on a country basis for delegates in Room B01. Observers and guests will have specially designated seating.

For the For the Women’s and Regional Conferences: there will be special seating arrangements for voting delegates in the central part of Flamboyant room, organised by delegation and on a country basis. Observers and guests will have specially designated seating.

For the Opening Ceremony of the Regional Conference, on 23 March at 16.00, the first rows at the front of the hall will be reserved for guests, special guests, and for the members of the UNI Africa Executive Committee. Participants should be seated by 15.30. All participants and their partners are welcome to attend.


UNI Africa does not have an insurance policy covering participants. Insurance cover must be provided by the affiliate concerned or individually. Those participating in the Conference do so at their own risk.

Meals and Expenses (20-25 March 2017)

Breakfast will be served in the hôtels.

Participants in the meetings that will take place before the Regional Conference will have lunch at the venue of the meeting.

At registration, vouchers will be distributed for the lunches on 24 and 25 March, which will be served in King Fahd Hotel between 12.30 – 14.00.

Water and coffee breaks will be offered during the meetings.

All delegates, observers and guests are invited to a dinner hosted by UNI Senegal Liaison Council on 22 March 2017 at King Fahd Hotel and on the 24 March at a nice place outside the King Fahd Hotel.

Participants should ensure that their unions give them adequate meal allowances to cover their other meals (about US$25 per meal). No per diems will be paid. This is the responsibility of the affiliate concerned.

All other expenses, such as visa fees, travel insurance, laundry, room service, phone calls, beverages etc. will be at the participant’s own costs

Banking and Currency Services

The unit of currency in Dakar is the Franc CFA (XOF).

CFA has a fixed exchange rate with the Euro. 100 FCFA = 0.152449 Euro or 1 Euro = 655.957 FCFA

You can find exchange rates at: www.oanda.com

There are numerous currency exchange offices and ATMs in Dakar. Exchange is available in several currencies but all African currency should be changed into Euros or US Dollars before coming to Senegal.

Climate and clothing

In March, Dakar enjoys about 10 hours of sunshine a day and no rainy days. You should be nice and dry!

Average temperatures are between 19°C and 28°C but please note that they can go down to 15°C and up to 42°C. You will need to wear sun protection and in view of the wind chill factor you should also bring some warm clothes.

Medical Assistance

Emergency Numbers and Medical Assistance

Should any participant require specialised medical care, he / she should contact the Conference Secretariat.

During daytime, between 18 and 25 March 2017 medical assistance will be available at King Fahd Hotel.

Please note the following emergency numbers:

Police:                                               +221 77 819 8430

or local toll free number: 800 2020


(Ambulance or medical aid):   +221 33 824 2418

or local toll free number: 800 881 881

SOS Médecins:                              +221 33 889 1515

Fire Department:                         +221 33 823 0355

or local toll free number: 1818


Country code: +221


The electric tension is 220 V on a frequency of 50Hz.

D and C plugs are in use in Senegal.

You will need and adaptor or a converter according to the voltage, the frequency and the type of plug you have in the country where you live.